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iOWNX is a Blockchain-based Investment Platform launched to bridge the gap between Investors and Businesses seeking funding.

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How It Works

The Investment process has never been easier! Fundraisers can register their campaigns on the iOWNX platform by submitting information about their products and/or services. Approved campaigns will be listed on the platform. Meanwhile, investors on the iOWNX platform can navigate between the different campaigns available and pledge a certain amount in the campaign suitable for them.
Once the campaign reaches its goal, stakes will be active, and investors will have shares based on the amount they invested in the business.

How it works

The Benefits for Investors & Business

iOWNX provides trusted, fast and reliable services to address and resolve the challenges businesses and investors face in the traditional funding. iOWNX eradicates these challenges by providing opportunities related to accessibility, risk, time and cost.


iOWNX provides trusted investment opportunities from around the world .

Minimize Risk

iOWNX provides the investors with the tools to understand the investment opportunities based on the campaign investment details .

Time & Cost

iOWNX's invest can easlity navigate between different business opportunities based on country, domain, risk and ROI which saves a lot of time and cost .


iOWNX gives the businessess access to funds through connecting them with thousands of investoers around the world .

Minimize Risk

Crowdfunding eliminates the possibility of losing power of decision making and control over business operations .

Time & Cost

iOWNX decreases the limitation with regards to finding resources & excution coupled with high fundraising fees .

Your Tomorrow Starts Today

Register now and become one of iOWNX investors in a few steps, iOWNX offers you the opportunity to invest in businesses in multiple domains across different countries around the world with as low as $250.


I want to raise funds

From startups to IPO’s, whatever stage you are in now, iOWNX will offer you the chance to pitch your business in front of hundreds of investors around the globe, raise the funds you need to take your business to the next level.

Investments in equity carry risks. Your capital may be at risk and you may not receive the anticipated returns. Please read our Risk Warning before investing.

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